things i like

These are some things that I enjoy and I hope you might like them too :-)


This page is getting pretty long, so here's a table of contents.


This list is in order of most accessible to least accessible. Most things here are either pop, electronic (DnB specifically) or some derivative of hardcore (post-hardcore, metalcore, mathcore, etc.).

If you want a list of everything I listen to in excruciating detail, here's my page:


Some of these games are very popular and you might have heard of them before. Still, hopefully I can introduce you to at least one thing you might like. This list is in no particular order.


I have read quite a few books but unfortunately I'm very bad about remembering them. I don't really have enough to say for a full list like the other categories, but here's a few of the ones I remember really liking just for good measure:


I decided to lump TV shows, movies, and other video types into one category so I have enough to fill out this section. I don't actually watch TV/movies that much, but I still have some favorites that deserve a spot here.